Below you will find the executable file for our "Find the Wildcat" Game/Application. Please use the discussion post to share your knowledge about how to code this application and its splash screen :-)

  • You will create a splash screen for this application that contains animation effects that are created through the use of coding.
PublicClassfrmSplash Dim strLetters() AsString = {"F", "I", "N", "I", "S", "H", " ", "S", "T", "R", "O", "N", "G", "!"} Dim intCounter AsInteger
PrivateSub tmrText_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles tmrText.Tick If intCounter < 14 Then lblAnimation.Text = lblAnimation.Text & strLetters(intCounter) EndIf
If intCounter = 15 Then lblByLynneMichaud.Text = "By Lynne Michaud 2012" EndIf
If intCounter = 18 Then tmrText.Enabled = False Close() EndIf
intCounter = intCounter + 1 EndSub EndClass .
  • Using deductive reasoning, please explain the above code (at the bottom of this page). You will most likely need to look at Chapter 5 in your textbook or do some research online J