1. Log in to Mac side
  2. Open Flash from Application Folder
  3. Create new project, ActionScript 3.0
  4. Rename Layer 1 Animation
  5. Change Stage color
  6. Click on arrow in Bottom Right corner of Rectangle Tool
  7. Change to Oval Tool
  8. Create and Recolor circle
  9. Convert to Symbol, Under Modify
  10. Name new Symbol: Ball
  11. Move ball to top left corner of Stage
  12. Right Click 10th frame
  13. Right click anywhere between frames 1 and 10
  14. Create Classic Tween
  15. Move ball to Bottom Middle of Stage
  16. Right Click 24th frame
  17. Insert Key Frame
  18. Move ball to Top Right of Stage
  19. Right click anywhere between frame 11 and 24
  20. Create Classic Tween
  21. Go to Control and Click Test Scene
The ball should move from the Top Left to Bottom Middle then the Top Right and continue to loop this.

To stop the looping:
  1. Right Click “Animation”
  2. Insert “New Layer”
  3. Rename “Action”
  4. Right click 24th Frame in “Action” layer
  5. Insert Key Frame
  6. Right Click 24th frame again
  7. Go down to “Actions”
  8. Type: stop()
This will stop the ball looping at the end.

If you want to create a Replay button, this is how you would go about it
  1. Create new layer
  2. Rename “Button”
  3. Window>Components
  4. Drag “Button” component to Stage
  5. Label it “Replay”
  6. Open “Actions”
  7. Type:
import flash.events.MouseEvent;
function onClick(event:MouseEvent):void
replay_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onClick);